Saturday, August 14, 2010

We Are Purple

Promotion test today. I seriously do not test well. Started off with blanking on my terminology, but recovered well enough to move along. Moved along to forms where they messed with my head by asking for them out of order. Lucky for me the master instructor corrected this before it totally threw me out of whack. I did manage to get some air for my flying kicks, but was on my toes too much during sparring. Guess I tossed the male person a little harder than he cared for during take downs. Alana usually doesn't stress during testing, but today it was board breaking that did her in. Just lost her focus. Ofcourse, I was the one with the ice pack on my hand. What on earth possessed me to do a right handed break? I never use my right hand. So now we are at our last belt at the intermediate level. Beginning our internship and teaching will be around the corner.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Celebrity All Stars Softball

Last night the local police department had a charity softball game against some retired players from the Patriots or Red Sox. Always a fun game to go to. My favorite this year was seeing Bill "Spaceman" Lee who pitched for the Red Sox in the '70's. The man is crazy funny. Yes, those are work boots that he was playing in. There were some pretty decent plays by both sides and some good ol' goofing around. The son of one of the cops got to be catcher for the All Stars team. If I knew how to play I would have been out there on the field. As it was, I was happy just to sit along the foul line.