Friday, April 22, 2011

2008 Honda Rebel

My midlife crisis has arrived. I have been talking with a few close friends about learning how to handle a motorcycle for the last few years. Keeping on the lowdown, I did not want to have a lot of people know about it. It started with me taking my first ride as a passenger and went from there. Got my permit a couple of months ago and took the rider's course last weekend. Only female in the class, but the guys were great to me. Armed with my new license and some good advice from some seasoned female riders, I went bike shopping. Knew that I wanted something smaller and light. Used bike, so that it wouldn't be so bad when I dropped it for the first time. Bought my first bike today and took it out for a little bit in the high school parking lot. My 2008 Honda Rebel with 1500 miles. Absolutely perfect shape, so I will feel bad if I drop it. now the goal is to get my comfort level up so that I can head out on the road and enjoy the ride.


Maisie has come to join the family. Another dog who looks like she is made out of spare parts. Her tail is always wagging. Such a happy girl. Big head, short legs, big front paws, and long tail. She has won over the staff at the vet's office and settled in at home.