Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some Serious Training

Monday night we had a special training class which I ended up having to sit out since my ribs aren't quite well yet. I hadn't brought my camera because we had some visiting black belts and a guest instructor, so I wasn't all that comfortable with the idea. I did get a few interesting, poor quality pictures on my phone. Here is our buddy, Jason doing some serious training. Okay, maybe even a higher ranking belt can have some problems concentrating when an attractive female is attacking him. Keri, however, seemed to be more focused.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Something New

Apparently this is the time of year when i get going into my knitting again. Watching a baseball game or waiting for Alana during her dance class is when you will see me pull out one of my projects and let my knitting flow.
When I am at one of the CT crop get togethers I will usually at some point have a yarn talk with Lin and/or Ramona. They are my enablers. They will gladly point me in the direction of yarn websites to check out.
For quite a while I have been avoiding the largest yarn store in New England. It is seriously too close to me. Well, I caved to my weakness and went. The good news is that I was so overwhelmed that I was able to contain myself to just the project I was about to start.
It was while on this little field trip that I came upon square needles. Who would have thought. Being somewhat of a craft gadget person, I decided to try them out. Love them! oh sure, I've since read mixed reviews about them, but I do love the way they feel in my hands.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Baby Canon

I Love my Canon Rebel. It is one of my favorite things, hands down. Although I haven't gotten around to learning how to use the camera to it's maximum capacity, that doesn't dampen my enthusiasm. Yet there are times when I don't want to risk taking it somewhere with me, or it is a bit too bulky and heavy. So, the search began for my next addition to my photographic possessions.
Looking for a smaller, lighter camera was tough because I had become spoiled by the fancy options on my Rebel. I didn't want to trade off the fun stuff, but I didn't want to go too big. Forget about asking other people their opinion. It was all over the place as to what other people were using. I narrowed down the choices and then searched for a great buy.
Here it is. The Canon PowerShot SX120IS. A little bit bigger in size than I wanted, but with quite a few special stuff for playing. Now I just have to get used to the change.